BeamOn HR-激光光束分析仪

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BeamOn HR-激光光束分析仪

140万像素CCD光束轮廓仪,12位分辨率。一个完整的测试站,用于测量连续波和脉冲束的轮廓、功率和位置。基于用于笔记本电脑的USB 2.0接口。提供一整套更大的光束和高功率衰减。


BeamOn HR基于USB 2.0 CCD摄像头,软件驱动设备,可通过高速USB 2.0端口连接到笔记本电脑(或台式电脑),并在Windows 7/8/10操作系统(32和64位)上运行。



Camera typeMonochrome interline transfer progressive scan,1.4MP CCD 1/2″format
Sensor active area6.47mm×4.83mm
Pixel size4.65um×4.65um
Max frame rate15fps at 1392×1040,30fps with binning(2×)
Image resolution1392×1040
Spectral response350~1310nm
Weight165 gr
Power consumption6V,4Watts
Accessories includedFilter wheel with 3×NG Schott colored filters (NG4,NG9,NG10) in housing.Adaptor ring for user filter.Mounting post
Mounting consumption3/4″×32 when filter wheel removed
Shutter speed0.6sec to 1usec
Gain Control×1 to ×23
Dynamic range60dB not include filters
Saturation intensity2mW/cm2
Damage threshold50W/cm2  with  filters
Operation with pulse lasers:Abillty to capture and replay image from slowly pulsing laser(1~100Hz)while filtering out frames with no laser pulse.Gain control and external filter make it easy to abtain optimal intensity
Trigger inRCA female jack,4.5V squre wave TTL
Hardware triggering:In pulse mode set threshold by slide bar to display frames with captured pulse


BeamOn IR-1550nm spec:
Spectral response1550nm±50nm



  • BeamOn HR: A camera for 350 – 1310nm, a standard USB2.0 cable, a post, a set of 3XND filters in housing on a built-in filter wheel (removable), software on CD disk, carrying case.
  • BeamOn HR 1550: A camera for 1550nm+/-50nm
  • BeamOn HR-AFW: Built in Motorized automatic filter wheel.



SAM1 Beam sampler (ratio 3X10^(-3))

SAM2 Beam sampler (ratio 1X10^(-6))

SAM3-A: Beam sampler polarization preserving (ratio 0.0016 Avg)

RDC Beam reducer (ratio 2X1)

RDC-FILT: 1/8 ND filter, M37X0.75

MOUNTB: Mounting base

NG-Filters: 1.6mm thick Schott colored filter in housing with adaptor, types: NG4/NG9/NG10

Adapter: C-Mount adapter ring


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