BeamOn 2/3-激光光束分析仪

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BeamOn 2/3-激光光束分析仪



BeamOn 2/3”CCD系统是一种用于实时测量连续或脉冲激光束的光束诊断测量系统。其2/3“CCD传感器可覆盖更大的光束尺寸,其有效面积为8.5mmX6.35mm,像素尺寸为11.6µmx11.2µm。


BeamOn 2/3是USB软件驱动设备,可以通过运行在Windows XP/2000/7/8/10(32和64位)平台上的高速USB 2.0端口连接到笔记本电脑(或台式机)上。


Parameters Value
Camera type Monochrome interline transfer CCD 2/3″format
Spectral range 350~1100nm
Sensor active area 8.5mm×6.35mm
Pixel size 11.6um×11.2um
S/N Ratio 58dB
Sensitivity ~40 nW/cm2  at 633nm
Saturation intensity 50W/cm2  or 1J/cm2 with all filters installed
Handing of pulse Abillty to capture and replay image from slowly pulsing laser(1~100Hz)while filtering out frames with no laser pulse.Gain control and external filter make it easy to abtain optimal intensity
Trigger In pulsed mode,sliding bae control allows setting of threshold so as to display only frames with captured pulse.
Shutter speed 1/50s(“Off”) to 1/100000 sec,8 steps manually,or automatic
Frame rate 25Hz
Dimensions 60mm(L)×45mm(W)×40mm(H)
Weight 120 gr.without cable(320 gr. With cable)
Operating temperature ­10℃ to 50℃
Operating systems Windows XP/2000/7 32&64 bit
PC interface USB 2.0 attachment




SAM1: Beam sampler (ratio 3X10^(-3))

SAM2: Beam sampler (ratio 1X10^(-6))


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