OEM 预放大高速热电探头

OEM 预放大高速热电探头

Laser Point has developed a series of compact power sensors that can be easily integrated into laser machines to monitor the power during the operation. For more than two decades Laser Point has been supplying OEM power & energy sensors to some of the world’s leading laser manufacturers. R&D activities are still strong, especially on new applications or on the design of new detectors.


  • 嵌入传感器盘和模拟电路的OEM高速热电头
  • 高速响应时间:70毫秒
  • 输出电压:5V @满量程
  • 用于放大和信号加速的电子电路
  • 紧凑的尺寸
  • 可采用水冷却
  • 从紫外线到远红外的宽带应用






BAL-W-20W-16-K25 mW – 20 W16 x 16 mm0.2 – 25 µmWater56 x 56 x 34 mmBare wires
BAL-W-50W-16-K50 mW – 50 W16 x 16 mm0.2 – 25 µmWater56 x 56 x 34 mmBare wires


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