BeamOn WSR-激光光束分析仪

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BeamOn WSR-激光光束分析仪







Camera typeWSR Wide Spectral Range CCD,1/2″format
Sensor active area6.47mm wide ×4.83mm high
Pixel size8.6um(H)×8.3um(V)
CCD focal position17.7mm between sensor and filter in filter wheel
Spectral responseBeemOn UV-NIR    190~1600nm
BeamOn Vis-NIR   350~1600nm
Weight400 gr.with cable
Power consumption5V/0.6A through USB 2.0port
Accessories includedone IR-Edge filter.(removable).
Equipped with a built-in filter wheel,with 4×ND 2mm thick filters.
One×8/32 threaded mouting hole,one post.
Dynamic rangeUp to 1015 using all filters and software controller ellctronic shutter and gain
Shutter speed1/50×256sec to 1/100000 sec,17 steps manually,or automatic
Software controlled gain6dB to 41dB,2dB steps manually,or automatic.
Maximum frame rate25Hz,excluding slow shutter operation
Sensitivity2.9 pW/mm2@633nm(shutter 1/50,gain 40dB)
29uW/mm2@1310nm(with hood,IR Edge filter,shutter 1/50,gain 40dB)
1mW/mm2@1550nm(with hood,IR Edge filter,shutter 1/50×32,gain 40dB)
Down to 3uW/mm2 with shutter 1/50×256
Saturation intensity1mW/cm2 at 633nm with no filter installed
Damage threshold50W/cm2 or 1J/cm2 with all filters installed
NullNull function is avaliable to automatically substract backgroud
Operation with pulse lasersAbillty to capture and replay image from slowly pulsing laser(1~100Hz)while filtering out frames with no laser pulse.Gain control and external filter make it easy to abtain optimal intensity
TriggeringIn pulsed mode set threshold by slide bar to display frames with capture pulses
Image resolution720×576


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