BeamOn LA-强脉冲光及大尺寸激光光束分析仪

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BeamOn LA-强脉冲光及大尺寸激光光束分析仪


完整的激光束分析系统、内置滤光片滑块(ND8、ND64、ND200、ND400和ND1000)、USB 2.0附件、CD盘软件、手提箱、CD用户手册。




Parameters Value
Spectral range VIS-NIR 350~1310nm
Power level Up to 100 J/cm2(or 100W/cm2)
Max frame rate 25Hz
Image Resolution 720×576
Shutter speed 1/50 to 1/100000 sec,9 steps
Gain control 6dB to 60dB,16 steps
Null In CW Null mode function is available to automatically subtractgound back
Optiacl dynamic range Up to 1×1010 using ND 1000 filter and softwarecontrolled electronic shutter and gain
Damage threshold 100 J/cm2(or up to 200W/cm2)
Sensitivity 0.1 uW/cm2 at 633nm (VIS-NIR)
Saturation 100 W/cm2 with ND1000 filter
Operation with pulsed lasers Abillty to capture and replay image from slowly pulsing laser(1~100Hz)while filtering out frames with no laser pulse.Gain control and external filter make it easy to abtain optimal intensity
Triggering I pulsed modest threshold by slide bar to display frames with captures pulse
Minimal beam size 5mm diameter
Sensor active area 58mm×45mm
Sensor weight 1.1kg with cable
Power  consumption 2.6 Watts throughusb 2.0 port



BeamOn LA VIS-NIR: for spectral range 350-1310nm
BeamOn LA UV-NIR: optional, consult factory


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