KEWLAB is dedicated to advancing the cause of science, and we do that by supplying optics, photonics and scientific laboratory instruments to both the scientific and the industrial community. It’s surprisingly uncommon to find your perfect job nowadays, and despite the odds, that is precisely what we have done! Everyone here is an energetic, brilliant science supporter.

In the beginning humans developed tools, language, agriculture, and leisure; we then had the time to figure out how most of the gross mechanisms on our planet worked. We traced our origins, what had preceded us, and found clues and hints about what the future held in store. Humanity embraced knowledge, shedding ancient superstitions, in favour of experiments, study, and replicable results.

Our amazing KEWLAB crew has decades of accumulated experience in this field; we’re ready to meet your toughest technical challenges worldwide. You really need to experience our premium optics and scientific products because the simple truth is that if you cannot measure and/or observe something, it is extremely difficult to learn very much from it.

Light is nothing without lenses, prisms, and mirrors, so we provide these items to a level of precision that exceeds so-called “world class”, with transparent pricing at every step. Our retroreflectors are better than those left on the Moon by the Apollo astronauts! For the same reason, we provide optically perfect windows for when you need to see or measure something inside a sealed vessel without interference from the medium itself.

Lighting is important in everything from biology to palaeontology, whether performing surgery or illuminating ancient artefacts. Science needs its tools in order to progress, and we serve that need.

Describe your optical, illumination, photonic or any scientific needs and let us craft your solution. You show us the path to the future, so let our dedicated staff provide you with the tools that you need to light the way.

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