• 请问德国Jenoptik 公司是否提供外延晶片生长服务? 他们是否可以帮我们设计MOCVD外延结构?
  • Jenoptik提供外延晶片生长服务,但不出售自己的外延设计。Jenoptik可以根据客户的设计生产半导体激光、LED、VCSEL等外延结构的晶片。为评估设计和生产,客户需要和厂家签订相关保密协议。

  • 如何使用qBeam-2M-FW 激光光斑分析仪测量M2值?
  • qBeam-2M-FW激光光斑分析仪本身可以在不同的距离测量激光光斑的光强分布。通过光学导轨的配置以及光斑分析仪自带的软件,客户可以计算出激光光束的发散角和M2值。

  • 请问Laserpoint激光功率计的质保期是多长?
  • Laserpoint对其所有产品提供三年的质保。具体的质保政策如下:
    “All Laser Point products are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for 36 months from the date of shipment. During the warranty period Laser Point will repair, or at its sole option, replace at no charge products proven to be defective. Defective products can only be returned to Laser Point after issuance of an RMA number. Shipment to and from Laser Point are at customer’s charge. The 3 Years Warranty does not provide for remedy of failures caused by accidental and physical damage, improper installation and operation, cleaning or un-authorized maintenance, misuse, abuse, modifications to the product not made by Laser Point personnel, software faults, normal wear and tear or any other event, act, default or omission outside Laser Point’s control. The 3 Years Warranty covers only those Laser Point Products sold after June 2017, bearing their serial numbers identified on the Order Form and corresponding to the serial numbers displayed on the instruments; no other Laser Point Products are covered by this Warranty. Refurbished, customized, and discontinued Laser Point products are not eligible for the Warranty services. The Warranty excludes all options, accessories and consumables. No other expressed warranty is provided by Laser Point.”

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